Here are some books. All pdfs. You can either read  them on line or download them. Up to you. Copy them, give them away, share them. As me old mate Scroobius Pip says ” Don’t use Art Literature and Philosophy to get into girls pants! Use it to get into their heads!”

I used to have loads more but…..My main book site is on Scribd , The Youtube of Books

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Latest additions:

Time Warped – An analysis of Time

NEW : A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE FUTURE , THE ORIGINS OF THE INTERNET An excellent book by John Naughton written in 1999.

John Naughton (born 18 July 1946 in Ireland) is an Irish academic, journalist and author. He is a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities at Cambridge, Vice President of Wolfson College, Cambridge,Emeritus Professor of the Public Understanding of Technology at the British Open University, Adjunct Professor at University College, Corkand the Technology columnist of the London Observer newspaper.

The Alzheimer’s caregiver afraid to leave the house who dials in
nightly to a support group; the bright student in a one-room
Saskatchewan school house researching a paper four hours from the
nearest library; the suicidally depressed gay teenager; AIDS patients
sharing the latest treatment information; political activists using the
Net to report, persuade, inform; and the disabled, ill and elderly,
whose minds are alive but who can’t leave their beds. For them and
for potentially millions of others like them, Cyberspace is not just a
lifeline, it can be better than the offline world.



Thats all for now. Will add some more as I find them. But here is my all time fav:

NB : Me and my friend Mick  just spent 2 hours on what is below. I would read  the line, he would “guess”  the author and the book. Fom memory. He had read most of the books. He would then give me anecdotes about  the authors,, we discussed the books (I have read alot of them) and laughed and thought. It was great. I love you Mick.!